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AED Package Contains-

  • 1X Lifepak CR2 Semi Automatic Defibrillator and Carry Case
  • 1X AED Alarmed Wall Cabinet 420mm x 380mm x 155mm
  • 1X Defibrillator Preparation kit; Gloves, Shears, Face Shield and Towel
  • Poly AED Wall Sign 22.5 x 30cm

Defibrillator and Cabinet Package Contents

    • Register the defibrillator on the Ambulance Victoria (at your request) and Maintain the register
    • Keep a register of expiry dates for the pads and the battery and organize their replacement at your expense
    • Deliver the Defibrillator and provide you with one how to use your defibrillator session (no limit to the number of people that can attend)
    • Check the defibrillator once a year (if I can access it) to make sure it is ready to use
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